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Jan 11, 2021
Hi everyone, I'm Baptiste Ménage, I'm working for Deal Productions as production assistant since Septembre 2018. I mainly deal with projects in development. Several years ago I made a short film back in south of France from where I am. I had my own production / rental / actors' training company in France til I remember my aim was always to make films, and not being a CEO. So I left everything I had and took an opportunity to do an Erasmus Entrepreneur in Luxembourg, where I met Alexandra Hoesdorff and Désirée Nosbusch, and stayed here. I also write a lot (I published a novel 1 year ago) and am both passionate about cinema and literature. I plan to shoot my short film SOKOLNIKI on the week-end of the 13th and 14th of February. Logline is: Jonathan (70ish) just died. A young punk girl wakes him up in the afterlife to guide him in the following choice: in a few minute his body will be reanimated, but does that worth it? My team is composed as follows: Main actors: Gilbert Johnston and Phoebe Archer Secondary actors: Bernardo Tuccillo, Kyle Vanderpool DOP: Chris Poulles Gaffer: Jo Gutenkauf 1st Assistant Camera: Océane Maitre Sound engineer: Oliver Lang Costume designer: Cynthia Hubsch Shooting will take place in one only apartment (mine). I am very happy to have this opportunity to create even during these hard times. Also it's a big chance for us to meet each other, and with our teams. If I can be of any help to you, please feel free to reach me at anytime. I'am also curious and keen to know more about you guys. Baptiste.


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