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QUICKIES is a short film initiative by the Luxembourg Filmmakers’ association FILMREAKTER, launched during the Covid-19 pandemic by directors Adolf El Assal and Govinda Van Maele. 


The premise is simple:

  • 18 filmmakers each receive 2020€ to produce a film of no more than 10 minutes. The money can be dispensed as they see fit

  • They deliver the edited film on a set date for a very quick sound post-production make-over 

  • As soon as each film is ready it is released to the public via multiple platforms

The participating filmmakers are:  Frédérique Buck & Gintare Parulyte, Eileen Byrne, Catherine Dauphin, Adolf El Assal, Larisa Faber, Godefroy Gordet, Max Jacoby, Baptiste Ménage, Nilton Martins, Nadia Masri, Thierry Mousset, Nicolas Neuhold, Suzan Noesen, Samuel Perez, Émile V. Schlesser, Kim Schneider, Julie Schroell, Govinda Van Maele

If you feel inspired to collaborate on any of their films as an actor, crew member, writer, editor, musician or other, please feel free to make yourself known in the forum.

For press inquiries please write to


FILMREAKTER QUICKIES is supported by the FILM FUND LUXEMBOURG, with the collaboration of the production companies WADY MEDIA and LES FILMS FAUVES.


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