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Anna Schneider
Jan 23, 2021
Dear film enthusiasts, My name is Anna Schneider (21) and I am currently doing auditions at public drama schools in German-speaking countries while studying German philology. I would like to make myself available to collaborate as an actress in any of your short films. In the last few years, I gained a lot of experience at acting, having acting training at the Conservatoire Ville de Luxembourg since September 2016. I also participated in a few plays (TNL, Philharmonie Luxembourg,…) and did some sound recording jobs. Last year, I played in my first short film Typewriter by the young film director @Damir Mehić. This January, I participated in my second short film directed by @Lizzi Folschette. Since I really enjoyed those film shoots an acting is my passion I would be very glad to take part as an actress in one of your films. If you require any further information, feel free to contact me at my Email address: I’m looking forward to working with you!🎬🎭 Loads of love, Anna
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Anna Schneider

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