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Mar 07, 2021
Dear Filmmakers, My name is Sofiya, and I am eager to join your production team or assist with the script. I am a film school graduate (major in film directing) who currently pursues a postgraduate education in Philosophy at the University of Luxembourg. I have written and partially produced 4 short films, as well as I am a recent laureate of the Kappkino grant. Below I share a few links to the projects in which I was part of the production department, although there are many more (I am happy to share detailed information privately upon request). During my BA years in Poland, I used to work as a photographer and videographer with primary focus on events and food & entertainment venues, so I will not refuse helping you with the technical side, too. Although, I switched to production and screenwriting lately as I discovered those were my true calling. Job: AD Link: Job: PA Teaser Link: Here is my email: - you know what to do (or do you?) Even if you are not working on a project right now, don’t shy away to hit me up with an email to make a connection – maybe (if not now then) one day in the future we can create something great together. Since I moved to Luxembourg literally a week before the lockdown started, expanding my professional network wasn’t an easy task, and I will be happy to meet more people from the industry 😉 Stay safe and productive brothers and sisters! I hope to hear from you soon, Sofiya Kudryavtseva
Volunteer: production team / script content media


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